The Encypher Series G2 “Standard” software package is the first software solution to fully implement GEOKey technology.  With “Encypher”, you will be able to compress, archive and encrypt various pieces of  information such as e-mail messages, text files, pictures and other various computer files with high-level encryption.  You will also be able to secure this encryption with GEO Location and TIME Box Encodings that prevent access to the file information without physical location and time knowledge.

The “Standard” software package is only available within the United States as current export restrictions prevent encryption programs that use more than 64 bit encryption from being exported.

Encypher Series G2 “Standard” is currently available for download.

Click below if you would like to purchase the Encypher Series G2 software. When your purchase has completed, the website will send you a valid Product ID that can be used to both register and unlock all software features.

Note:  Purchase of the “Standard” version is subject to verification of US Residency by IP Address verification.   Any purchase of the “Standard” product from IP Addresses outside the United States will receive a full refund.