Welcome to Encrypt.

Encrypt is an leading edge software encryption software system designed for the modern and mobile age.  The software is compatible with the windows operating systems and features various modules that run on both the android and iOS operating systems.

Encrypt is capable of multiple levels of encryption, from simple passcode/pin code security to more complex GEO Location and TIME Box Encoding encryptions.   The software package comes in two (2) flavors, the “lite” version which offers only 64-bit encryption (designed for over-sea deployments) and a higher-level full featured encryption package which can only be used within the United States.

GEO Location encoding is a new encryption technique that allows for physical location information such as Longitude and Latitude to be encoded into encryption keys that is then used to secure various files, e-mail messages or other pieces of sensitive information.  GEO Location information is provided to in the form of GEOKey(s) which are created on various mobile devices and upload to either a public, or your own private server(s).

TIME Box Encoding is another new encryption technique that not only allows of physical location information, but time-sensitive information as well.   With GEO/TIME encoding, you can specify that Encrypt will only unlock information at a specified time, or time window.  Similar to the GEO location information, the TIME Box Encoding keys are also stored as GEOKey(s) and in the same fashion, are uploaded to public or private server(s).